Posts by Steve


7 minute read

Crowd-sourced event photography. Imagine all your low-tech family being able to share their full resolution shots from your wedding or big event, no account ...

A Homemade Cycling Power Meter

12 minute read

A crank-based power meter for cycling. Built on Arduino with proper Bluetooth, all for about $70.

A Summer of Sunsets

less than 1 minute read

A bunch of evening sunsets after three months of capturing timelapse pics.

Bike Accidents Around Denver

less than 1 minute read

Using open data from the Colorado government on traffic accidents, made a heatmap of all those involving bikes.

Denver Timelapse

less than 1 minute read

Watching the days pass from the perspective of our balcony.

Writing a Disk’s Protected Area

5 minute read

How to edit the size and contents of a disk’s HPA. A tricky and/or useful way to hide data, untouchable by formatting tools.

Where To?

less than 1 minute read

An extension to see where Safari links lead.

The Anonymity of Cyber Attacks

1 minute read

A core political advantage of cyber attacks is their anonymous nature, but it’s certainly difficult to cover all the tracks.

Hacking a Compiled Application

5 minute read

A proof of concept. Altering the compiled binary of a simple C++ application to bypass authentication.

Free (Limited) WiFi

1 minute read

Many public hotspots offer a short period of free access before requiring payment. It may be possible to keep your free period going, though.

Gauging the Stress of Competition

1 minute read

Even as a spectator, watching loved ones compete is hugely stressful. Here’s an naive attempt to chart my experience.

Modtalk and STIC 2013

2 minute read

Presented the Modtalk compiler at STIC 2013, my first software conference.

Visitor Pattern OOD

4 minute read

Examining the strengths of the visitor patter and it’s appropriate usage.

Deleting the Root Directory

less than 1 minute read

Having some fun with the university’s loaner laptop. What happens when you blow away the root directory?

Finger Paint

1 minute read

A few words about my first major Android application.

160 Snatch

less than 1 minute read

Coming back from a major injury and came very close to long time goals.

5200 Miles, 10 Days

2 minute read

Broke and set with a half-baked plan, we drove from Marquette to L.A.