Photos on iOS automatically uploads photos and videos to iCloud. That’s neat, because it lets me keep up-to-date albums on OS X with no real effort. However, videos are not synced with iPhoto, and unbeknownst to me they’re also removed from my phone after some time.

That means, after 30ish days, the only place my videos exist is in iCloud. I learned this after I realized I couldn’t get the videos off my phone, and shortly following I learned I actually have an account at A bit annoying I think, but unfortunately not that surprising.

So, whatever, all would be fine and well, except every time I try to use the Photos app at I get the following unresponsive error. Every time. Even if the page actually loads in less than a second.

Photos immediately throws this error, and the only thing making the page unresponsive is the error itself.

So, since I can watch the page load despite the error, I had a good feeling the page is actually just fine and the only real problem is the dialog that’s now preventing me from using the application. The only options to click are “Reload”, which cycles this same process, and “Send to Apple”, which sends an error report and then cycles this same process.

Anyway, I’m no web developer but I know a couple things. “Fixing” iCloud is even simpler than defeating a $40 million paywall. Just open the developer tools and delete the error dialog.

The error dialog is done in javascript, just delete the element to get it out of the way.

Once that’s gone, there’s one more “shield thingy” element spanning the entire page and preventing interaction. It might be difficult to find by name, but it’s the element starting in the upper corner and spanning the entire height and width of the page. Once it’s gone you’re all set to download the videos iOS shipped off your phone.

There's an extra element that grays out and covers the actual page. After removing it as well as the original error the Photos app is... good as new?

So, obviously this isn’t actually “fixing” anything, but at least you can get your videos.

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