Last updated: 05:11:36 PM, Jul 31, 2016

Full loop of all images taken so far, beginning Monday, June 20, 2016. Images are taken every hour (except throughout the night) and the video is reassembled and published each night at 11 PM once-in-a-while. Perspective is looking northwest from Cheesman Park, Denver.

Basically, this is a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 8.1.3, OpenSSH, and Activator. Images are taken at the request of a RaspberryPi sitting inside, issuing Activator commands over SSH. At 11 PM the Pi assembles the current set of images into the video and publishes the result to this page. This is quite an intensive process, though, it takes the Pi a while (you can see just how long by the time stamp at top, which marks the finish time). This task became simply too much for the Pi to handle; it took 8 hours to assemble one week of images, and started crashing before we made it to 2 weeks. So for now it will be updated occasionally, manually. For some up-to-the-moment shots, check out Denverlapse on Instagram. The scripts, all images, versions of the timelapse, etc, can be found on Bitbucket.

The workhorse, a re-purposed iPhone 4s.

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