Science Rules

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I absolutely love sitting down and having conversations with others about science! (Though, intimidating when you find yourself among brilliant minds.) Being in an environment where everyone is interested in their research is such a great feeling. Everyone that works in the PCC is so extremely nice. So nice. And so incredibly smart. So smart. Even so, they are all humble and down to earth.

In the lab, the professors consider themselves equal to students and prefer to be called by first name. I don’t know that I’ll feel comfortable calling the professors here by first name - after all, these are the researchers whose names appear on ~70% of the articles I read. These are some of the professors who have contributed to my learning for the past 2 years! I think I will stick with “Dr.” or “professor”.

I don’t know that I’ve entirely wrapped my head around the fact that I am having coffee with my “science celebrities” and that I have this amazing opportunity to work with them for the next four months.

Life is good.

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