Let Me Tell You Something

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##Facts about life here:

*My name here is “Yennifer Yarvis”…you can call me Yenny. I’m only kind of joking. Many here do call be Jenny (after I introduce myself) but others that have only seen my name on paper refer to me as Yennifer.

*The lab takes two coffee breaks a day at 10:30 and 2:30. (Can I get a “heck yeah”?!)

*There’s a small cafe just down the street from the lab that has two meals to choose from that are offered for lunch. The meals are hot and ready - homemade for just 7€. Yesterday was pea soup or broccoli soup followed by pancakes with raspberries and whipped cream for dessert. It is traditional to eat pancakes after having soup. You won’t hear me complain about that. Today I had pork in a delicious sauce with roasted potatoes. Each meal is served with fresh bread, salad, and coffee. Side note: The owner wears jorts and socks with sandals.

*A very large percentage of people in Turku wear white converse sneakers - most are low rise but some are high top. I’m saving up for my pair now (kidding but not really)! They are 80€ here. Most likely quite cheaper in the states.

What I’m trying to say is…so far so good!

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